About Love propaganda

Welcome home.

Love Propaganda was born out of necessity as a zine, of which 900 copies were printed  in the Winter of 2013. I must have come of age into my role as a human messenger at the time, and Love - ripe to present itself yet again on paper - allowed my hand to move through it. I had bought a new cork fountain pen and a small bottle of black ink, and I suddenly found myself in constant motion; pen to bottle, pen to paper.

When I initially started producing, I remember thinking of LP as my creative baby, so to speak. It became my primary focus, and a necessary component to the way I identified myself. I was prepared to throw my whole heart into it. 

It didn’t take long for my ego to disappear into the shadow of this living thing that went far beyond what I had access to. I can barely recall my creative process, other than the desire to showcase my efforts at typographical invention. I interpret this as proof that the spirit of LP was, and is, working through my body, and that these ideas are far more important and more permanent than myself. I am merely a tool in making them available and obvious for those who need reminding. Our bodies have known love since the beginning, but only in more recent times have we attempted to speak about Love, to try and shape it to fit into our articulatory tract; to reign it in with arbitrary phonemic figures, and now - to try and verbalize the beating heart of the world.

My work in all of this is primarily to maintain awareness by casting all my feelers out, and to follow through by having the discipline to record what I discover. The creative aspect simply aids in the draw factor and allows the wisdom to be easily digested by whomever is hungry for it. I will take credit for being aware, for listening, and for realizing my duty as messenger, but that's about all that I can claim.

Love Propaganda is not an artist's attempt at coming up with novel ideas or artwork -- nothing here is new. It is rather the synthesis of sensory information and the real talk of the physical and metaphysical sphere on which we live and grow, thatched and woven into one to remind us how it all comes together. The goal is to create an easily accessible mosaic of things we can feel and touch, in order to teach our hearts and minds what our bodies already know.

Three volumes, countless prints, letters, newsletters, signage, and other lovely things sent into the world via guerrilla distribution have led me to today. I am first a messenger, second a teacher, and third an artist for this project. I live and breathe the affectionate agitation of Love Propaganda, and I hope it moves you to do the same. 

All love, and I’ll see you out there. And HEY - it’s propaganda! Spread it like butter over the toasted face of the earth.