Throughness, Meditation I

"The Taming of a Tiger"

Through all things there runs a golden thread, disappearing off into the distance "forever" - effectively breaking our human paradigm. Some say we do not see what we don't understand, though luckily we've got more sense than sight. Ever feel that tug? Gently, gently, tough love, touch love, running backwards, out of/taking control, jumping on a train, gravitating towards magnetism. Small cerulean colored prayers rising from the throughlines. We are made of water, after all, and the tides roll through us, too. 

Currency (exchange), fluency (transfer), there you are (here I am).

I believe in a third body. I first realized the third body when I found a book by Robert Bly next to the railroad tracks while picking blackberries in the August sun, in which Bly speaks of the three love bodies that lie in the presence of love. Eternity is out there in the bone memory of the third, ever-changing, elastic, timeless, wild both in nature and manifestation, vessel. The third body is the access point, s(he) who houses your reserves, your surprises, potential connections that will be pruned like neural pathways at birth, but reenforced where it counts. I may have seen it before, in passing, but I can't be sure. My eyes -

All animals feed a third body. All animals drink from a third body. I think its possible to tug the golden thread to encourage a shift in another, or many others if your intentions are pure and your method disciplined. Pray pray prayer, be SILENT. Tug, honor body III, acknowledge ritual, visualize the waning or waxing or whatever you need to effectively reach out. 

I relinquish control, but the energy is somehow mine. Throughness is transfer between mediums, almost a buffer. A raw and real buffer which has no intention to dull or damper, has no agenda, but is in place to insure communication and proper translation.